Differentiation procedures

Structural and system changes

Proxima Ceny

We want to implement new subsystem into the new DB system or execute any changes. In no case you can execute it on a production server. The reason is quite obvious, and it is the security of customer data. All changes must be securely authenticated, versioned, and their execution logged.

Into the production DB we want to apply all changes that were made ​​at the development DB. Among other things, we run the procedure that creates differentiation script containing all changes. It is a comprehensive comparison of both databases on object level. The generated script is sent to the production server. We create a backup of the production DB, set the production DB to the service state, execute differentiation script by special procedure and set the production DB back to user state.

The result is a fully updated database. Since data structures through procedures, functions to relations, indexes and default. All operations are executed in a logical order to avoid conflict.

Both on production and on the development DB is implemented DDL Trigger, which logs all changes inside DB.

Data changes

There may be a situation where it is necessary to add such a column with existing data (source at original DB). For these cases exists features providing separate data migration, including relation values.